What are the advantages of corrugated cardboard ice cream containers over traditional plastic or metal containers?

By opting for corrugated cardboard ice cream containers, businesses can embrace a more sustainable and cost-effective solution while maintaining quality and efficiency. Corrugated cardboard ice cream containers offer several compelling advantages over traditional plastic or metal containers:

  • Environmentally Friendly: Cardboard is a renewable resource that is easier to recycle than plastic or metal, reducing the environmental impact. Using natural materials like cardboard supports sustainable practices and reduces reliance on fossil fuel-derived products.
    Disposable and Convenient: Corrugated cardboard containers can be recycled after use, eliminating the need for washing, rinsing, and sanitizing like with plastic or metal containers. This convenience saves valuable time and labor costs – we estimate, this could mean saving roughly $1.10 per container, not to mention the water and energy saved.
    Insulation: The corrugated design provides excellent insulation properties, helping to keep the ice cream at optimal temperatures for longer periods.
    Lightweight and Easy to Handle: Cardboard is lighter than metal and even some plastic containers, making transportation and handling easier and reducing transportation and storage costs.
    Customizable: Cardboard containers can be easily customized in terms of shape, size, and printing options, providing opportunities to visually set your ice cream apart.
    Cost-effective: Cardboard is typically less expensive than plastic or metal, providing cost savings on the container itself in addition to the savings from the eliminated washing process.

Is an additional liner necessary or can I put ice cream directly into the box?

In most cases your frozen desserts can be applied directly to our boxes. Our boxes are coated with a food-safe moisture barrier and engineered to hold most ice creams, custards and sorbets without additional liners.

(We do recommend a thin plastic liner for our Italian Ice customers due to the liquid state of the product prior to freezing. We will gladly recommend an affordable liner that will help this process.)

Is there a minimum quantity order?

YES, Our minimal quantity is 1 case (50 boxes + lids) which is the lowest minimum in the industry!

What are your current lead times on boxes?

We typically keep an abundant stock of all of our ice cream box options. We usually can ship same day as long as the order is processed by 11:00am CST. Orders made past this deadline may not go out until the next business day.

Where are your ice cream boxes made?

Our boxes are proudly made in Tennessee, USA!

Is there a discount for bulk ordering?

YES! Our pricing is based on quantity ordered. There is a pricing break at 6+ cases, 11+ cases and pallet shipments. Discounts are added automatically.

How much is shipping?

Ground shipping is FREE on all case orders! Express and overnight shipping is available for an extra fee. Pallet pricing DOES NOT include shipping, but because of our volume, we have negotiated some of the lowest freight prices in the industry.