Our Products

RAPAMAR containers are heavy-walled corrugated cardboard with strong sidewalls designed to stack and not bulge when filled.  Our rectangular containers help you add up to 40% more product in your freezer or other storage/display space.  Our minimum order is 50 boxes and lids, and

Orders are shipped within 24 hours.  Get more information on our Order page.

Bulk Ice Cream & Gelato Containers

1-gallon Rectangular Ice Cream Container with Lid

7-quart Container with Lid

2.5-gallon Rectangular Container with Lid

3-gallon Square Container with Lid

1.5-gallon Octagon Container

2.5-gallon Octagon Container

3-gallon Octagon Container

3-gallon Octagon Container

1-gallon Huhtamaki Container with lid

3-gallon Huhtamaki Container with lid

Tub Holder for 2.5-gallon Container

Tub Cover for 2.5=gallon Container

Tub Holder for 3-gallon Container

Need a Custom Size?

RAPAMAR can make any size and type of custom boxes from our quality corrugated cardboard.  It starts with a call to discuss your specific needs and our experience to develop a solution.

*Please note: Lead times will be a little longer on non-stock items.

Custom Printing

Custom printing is available on any of our boxes or lids.  Contact us for details.

Scratch and Dent Boxes

Need a low quantity and not concerned about appearance?  Call us at 615-219-5033 for our current inventory of lightly scratched and dented boxes.  They are the same high-quality RAPAMAR containers we sell every day but with cosmetic blemishes or slightly dented.

Huhtamaki Containers

Still using the old-fashioned metal ring ice cream containers?  We are a certified Hutamaki distributor specializing in the 3.0 and 1.5-gallon round containers.  (Remember that you must have a machine to assemble these containers.)