Easy Assembly

RAPAMAR boxes are designed to make your life easier!  Our corrugated cardboard boxes and lids are quick and easy to assemble, as well as strong and reliable.

We provide assembly instruction sheets with every order and provide step by step illustrated instructions below.

We have also made instructional videos for each container type to help clarify the process.  Need help with assembly?  Feel free to call or contact us for assistance!

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Octagon Container Assembly

See step-by-step illustrated instructions for easy assembly of RAPAMAR’s octagon containers and lids or watch a video demonstrating how to assemble them.

Octagon Box Assembly

Our boxes will arrive at the destination of your choice folded flat.


Step 1

Expand the box and refold it so the open/cut corners of the top sides are opposite each other, then crease and fold down the top collar of the box.


Step 2

Open the carton fully, fold each crease to form the octagon shape.


Step 3

Turn the box upside down and fold the large solid flap down, pushing it inside the box slightly.


Step 4

Fold the 4 small flaps down, then fold the large flap with the 2 holes down on top of the 4 small flaps. 


Step 5

Insert the last 2 flaps into the slots on the large flap.


Step 6

Turn the box upright and push the solid flap inside the container so it is down against the bottom of the box. 

You may need to push on the side folds to square-up the box and close any small holes in the edges.


View our Octagon Gallon Box & Lid video.

Octagon Lid Assembly

The lids will come shipped flat.  Place it on a flat surface with the white side (inside) facing up.


Fold all the small angled flaps without holes in toward the center, then push the small pointed angles in toward the center.


Step 2

Holding 2 of the small pointed angles, fold the flap between them over top of the small pointed angles and insert the small tab into the hole in the top.  Repeat with the 3 remaining flaps.



View our Octagon Gallon Box & Lid assembly video.